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 The Five Tenets Of TsE

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PostSubject: The Five Tenets Of TsE   Thu Jan 17, 2008 3:33 pm

This is the follow-up to the thread Joining The Shadow Elites {TsE}
There are five things you need to know about the clan. These laws should be followed as soon as you become a member. These rules are not very strict but should be read nonetheless.
First Tenet - Respect your fellow clan members
This is the most important tenet. Don't make fun of your clan members or verbally abuse them. If this occurs feel free to send me a message about who did it and I will keep a closer eye on them.
Second Tenet - Respect your enemies
If you win a clan match, great. Just don't make fun of their dead grandmothers or whatever.
Third Tenet - Listen to Other Members
This will not be monitored but listen to other clan members if they have something to say, especially if they are higher rank in the clan.
Fourth Tenet - Play to have fun, Not Win
Okay, so we lost a match. It doesn't matter. This clan was made so a bunch of people could get together and hang out, not so people can keep whining about how they lost three games in a row.
Fifth Tenet - Never act like an :X
This one is pretty simple.

Those are the rules. Anyone who breaks them will get three warnings. If you see a fellow member breaking a tenet, PM me or send me a message on live. That is all, class dismissed!


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The Five Tenets Of TsE
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