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 Clan Information

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PostSubject: Clan Information   Wed Jan 16, 2008 8:26 pm

The Shadow Elites
We are a clan that plays for fun and to win. The shadow elites play daily, and we are usually online for hours. There are not alot of guidelines in this clan, but we still need you to follow them. Read this topic and wonder if you are ready to join.

»Clan Skin
There are no skins required for the clan, but if you really want to know what it should be, then....

-» »Spartan Clan Skin [Armor]
-» » »HEAD - "MarkVI"
-» » »Left Shoulder - "MarkVI"
-» » »Right Shoulder - "MarkVI"
-» » »BODY - "MarkVI" or "Katana"

-» »Spartan Clan Skin [Colors]
-» » »Armor Primary - "Grey"
-» » »Armor Secondary - "Purple"
-» » »Armor Detail - "Applies to position applied for"

-» »Elite Clan Skin [Armor]
-» » »HEAD - "Ascetic"
-» » »Left Shoulder - "Ascetic"
-» » »Right Shoulder - "Assualt"
-» » »BODY - "Assault"

-» »Elite Clan Skin [Colors]
-» » »Armor Primary - "Grey"
-» » »Armor Secondary - "Purple"
-» » »Armor Detail - "Applies to position applied for"

Practices will be held once a week. You are encouraged to join, so we can teach the tricks of the trade. Also, we'll hang out and play some infection and stuff. Look for coming practices in the forum "Classifieds"

While we play, I expect everyone to be respectful. Cursing is okay, but just don't direct it to anyone. If anyone breaks this rule and is disrespectful to other members, notify me and I will look into it.
»Times [Practices: Weekends, Sometimes on Weekdays]
-» »Eastern: 3-6pm
-» »Central: 2-5pm
-» »Mountain: 1-4pm
-» »Pacific: 12-3pm

How To Apply For A Position
Just send me a message on xbox live or on the forum, and I'll put you on the clan member list. Don't forget to include important things like what timezone you're in or what times you like to play on.

Rank System

Unlisted Elites
You post on the forum but you either don't have a gamertag or you have'nt played any games with anyone in our clan yet.

Minor Elites
The most common and least experienced Sangheili wear blue armor. Minors are still skilled warriors, but they are somewhat weaker than Major Sangheili - all Sangheili ranked higher than a Minor are seen as physically superior in strength and speed to a SPARTAN supersoldier. Minors often make tactical errors such as standing in one place while firing, or rushing forward into enemy fire. They also fire in shorter bursts, and have somewhat less accuracy. Along with Major Sangheili, they often lead squads of Grunts into battle.

Major Elites
Major Sangheili are veterans, wear red armor and are better equipped than Minors. They are overall more agile, more accurate, and more aggressive than Minor Sangheili, and seldom make tactical errors in combat. They are the physical equal of a SPARTAN. A single Major Sangheili can hold his own against an entire squad of Marines. In Halo 2, they can often be seen dual-wielding or carrying heavy weapons or other close combat weapons.

Ultra Elites
Ultras command major operations within the Covenant. While Zealots handle large-scale operations such as the command of a ship, armored battalion or fleets, Ultras command major commando operations, such as the protection of a Scarab platoon. Like the Zealot, Ultras are extremely skilled warriors. They also possess extra-strong energy shields and health that can withstand three times as much damage as those possessed by Minor Elites, while their armor is white or silver. They often fight with heavy or dual-wielded weapons. Many also carry Energy Swords as their secondary weapon, but don't initially brandish it; when enemies get too close, sustain a certain amount of damage, or when they are stuck by a Plasma Grenade, Ultras let out a war cry, drop their currently wielded weapon and draw Energy Swords for close combat. They are particularly effective in close quarters combat, where their stronger energy shields and Energy Sword allow them take down large numbers of enemies rapidly and easily survive. An important Ultra, identified in the Graphic Novel as Rtas 'Vadumee (and referred to by fans as "Half Jaw" for his missing mandibles), fights along the Arbiter's side against the Brute-led and Prophet-backed insurrection.

Shadow Elites
Translated as "Eye of the Prophet," these Sangheili serve as scouts, observers, and infiltrators, and are nearly invisible to the naked eye. They are equal in rank to the Spec Ops Sangheili, and often brandish Energy Swords they activate after sneaking up on an enemy. The energy swords, however, cannot be active camouflaged, and are easily seen. Shadow Sangheili generally make better decisions in combat than that of regular Sangheili.

Honor Guards
The highest rank that members can achieve, Honor Guards are are extremely skilled fighters often with decades of combat experience, sent in by the Covenant to accomplish the most dangerous and secretive of missions. Like Zealots and Ultras, they are constantly on the move and never stand still or expose themselves to enemy fire. They also have superior accuracy and fire in longer bursts. Most notably, they operate in squads and are extremely skilled and accurate grenade throwers. In Halo, they are the Covenant's elite shock troops, similar to the role played by the UNSC's Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, or Hell jumpers. They were assigned to eliminate all Flood on a damaged Covenant cruiser "Truth and Reconciliation" and repair it for immediate departure. They were present when the Master Chief boarded that damaged cruiser to find what was left of Captain Jacob Keyes. They were also present on the Pillar of Autumn just before the first Halo was destroyed by its reactors going critical.

Councilors are one of the most highest ranking members of the Covenant. They command entire fleets, and they share power with minor prophets.


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Clan Information
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